A Passion for the Jesus Story

I almost started this post by saying, “I finally saw The Passion of the Christ,” but the reality is that I saw it only 5 days after it opened! That’s how much this has been hyped and promoted.

The movie was powerful. The most important parts to me were the flashbacks that connected with what was happening in the passion. “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends…”

I started feeling sorry for the makers of The Gospel of John. How many of us saw it? I haven’t but I’m going to order the DVD. I also recently bought the Gospel of Matthew that is also very well done.

Write me if you want more information on these two other Jesus movies. Here are links:

John: http://www.gospelofjohnthefilm.com/themovie/intheaters.aspx

Matthew: http://www.chatfieldsoftware.com/a/B00008V5VU/Visual-Bible-Book-of-Matthew-with-Bonus-Video-Falling-Fire.html


By Greg Taylor Posted in General