Questions about videos in worship

ZOE and Wineskins have had a lot of requests for several important and moving videos. Let me explain about a few of them:

  1. Give Me Jesus – Leonard Sweet (, according to his office, bought the rights to put a Fernando Ortega ( song, Give Me Jesus, together with art photos of Christ images and other images related to words in the song. Sweet’s office said they owned the copyright for the music video for about three years and no longer own it. The song itself can be played publically if a church has a CCLI license but the song and the video cannot be used together. There is no known availability of this music video that many of the ZOE conference attendees saw at our conference in October 2003.
  2. Baptism video – I have shown this at Pepperdine and ACU, and several have asked about the source. I purchased the DVD from Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana ( tel 574.243.3500. The video was done in 2002 at a baptism ceremony for the Granger Community Church and shows many baptisms set to a song that says, “Living Water, Jesus, More of Thee.” One of the most unique features of the baptismal experience of Granger is that they baptize some couples or families simultaneously with locked arms.
  3. That’s my King – From the jacket of the Vertical Sky Productions Igniter Vol 1 DVD: “The late S.M. Lockridge once presented an incredible message, describing God and who He is. Though God can’t be described with just words, this is as close as you can get this side of Heaven.” Makes you want to get up and shout, “That’s My King!” Find this and four other videos on the Igniter Videos Vol. 1 available on DVD from The ZOE web site.
  4. Team Hoyt – From the DVD jacket: “Together, Dick and Rick Hoyt have run in marathons, competed in triathlons and once even trekked 3,700 miles across America. Together, what they have accomplished is simply amazing, even more so when you consider that Rck cannot walk or talk.” Mike Cope uses this video and shares his own family’s experience with their daughter, Megan, who died in 1994. Vertical Sky Productions this Igniter Video Vol. 2 available next week on DVD from The ZOE web site

One of the best connections a church can make in the use of video is CVLI (Christian Video Licensing International). I spoke to a very helpful David Weighman this morning, and I have available for anyone who requests it an application for a church license to use major studio films and faith-based production films. The license should cost about $600 a year but check with for more details.

By Greg Taylor Posted in General