Teresa Heinz Kerry – “Let them go naked”

I read in Newsweek yesterday the quote from Teresa Heinz Kerry, speaking to relief workers in New York who were packing supplies for the hard-hit by hurricane Ivan in the Caribbean.

When I showed the quote to Jill she said, “She was probably just trying to show the priority of clean water and power for hospitals.”

Jill was right: Heinz Kerry was speaking to relief workers and also spoke French to Haitian Americans who were there. What she said is not as bizzare as some have claimed, considering her intent.

Here is the fuller story:
USA Today: Heinz Kerry visits hurricane relief efforts by U.S. Caribbeans

While I’m at it, here’s another perspective on the “shove it” incident with “reporter” Colin McNickle. http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/print_friendly.php?id=7792. In both of these incidents, media and we the audience must–but often don’t–put quotes in context.

By Greg Taylor Posted in General