God is not a Republican or Democrat

Thanks to all who are expanding on the issues raised about civility and morality in the campaign, bouncing off of the photo of Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Sojourners is an organization that is calling Christians to non-partisan support of biblical values in this election, to the belief that “sincere Christians and other people of faith can choose to vote for President Bush or Senator Kerry – for reasons deeply rooted in their faith.”

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One comment on “God is not a Republican or Democrat

  1. OK, we’ve been discussing some REALLY serious issues here. How about some light-hearted jokes, with enough diversity to guarantee offending everyone equally:

    Q. What do you call a Democrat with a college education and a job?
    A. A Republican

    Q. What is a Libertarian?
    A. A Republican who likes to smoke dope.

    Q. Why must you whisper in Heaven?
    A. So the Church of Christ folks won’t figure out they’re not the only ones there.

    Q. What is the definition of a Baptist?
    A. A Methodist who can actually read.

    A. Why can’t you take Baptists fishing with you?
    B. If you only take one, he drinks all your beer. If you take more than one, they don’t drink any beer at all.

    Q. If a Baptist preacher and a Church of Christ preacher meet at the liquor store, do they say hello?
    A. They don’t have to. The Lutheran or Presbyterian minister will introduce them.

    Q. What is the most confusing religious sect today?
    A. Jews for Jesus

    I know, don’t quit my day job. Greg may remove this comment if he feels it’s not funny or in bad taste. But I think the ability to laugh at ourselves is what keeps us sane.


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