I met George W. Bush when he was called “Junior”

I met George W. Bush in 1988 when he came to Harding to stump for George H.W. Bush, or as I wrote the headline, “dad.”

George Jr. wasn’t known then as W but simply as, “Junior.” I walked him out to his car, asking him questions along the way. I don’t remember many of the questions I asked, but the story in the student newspaper gives clues: gun control, pledge, early furlough from prison. The issues were certainly important but not as intense as they are in this post-9/11 world, it seems.

In 1988, he had already acquired the swagger walk, but as he got in the car, I had no clue he would be president. Do you suppose he still has that Harding sweatshirt? Posted by Hello

By Greg Taylor Posted in General