Jacob’s To-Do List

Jacob, my five-year-old, jumped on my bed this morning with a pen and paper to make a list of things to do on a Saturday. Here’s his list:

  • aligatr (a game the kids made up)
  • paly outside
  • cismis party
  • read books
  • play games
  • put castle together
  • legos
  • hot wheels track
  • put cismis decorations up

We were able to “accomplish” most of these.

By Greg Taylor Posted in General

2 comments on “Jacob’s To-Do List

  1. What a great list!

    When my sister was about this age, she overheard my parents discussing whether or not to move to another house, and the off-hand comment that it was going to be expensive. She went and got her only dollar and gave it to dad to help out. He saved that dollar bill, and while performing their wedding ceremony, gave it back to her to help as they started their home.

    Please save that list and do the same for your son!


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