The Platinum Rule

This is one of the most important disciplines of humanity: to creatively struggle to see through the eyes of our creator, to see what he sees, view the world as he does, love others as God loves. Ironically, we come closer to this goal by seeing through the eyes of others, and in so doing we more nearly accomplish the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.
Friend and mentor Terry Smith has taught me the “Platinum” Rule, a corollary to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. This principle has set my marriage aright when it was turbulent. This principle has saved me from trying to love someone the way I think they might want to be loved but nowhere near how they truly want to be loved. Our interpretation of Jesus’ Golden Rule has been flawed at times, because we love as we want to be love, not thinking that perhaps this person may not enjoy being loved or need to be loved in the same way I need to be loved. I believe Terry’s interpretation may bring us closer to Christ’s intent.

In other words, we see through the other person’s eyes to know how to love them.

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  1. Inviting remarks. This reminded me of the story Jesus told about the Good Samaritan (see Lk.). Right before this pericope Luke inserts the the theme of “sight”, and “see”. The Good Samaritan is not simply about changing tires (though this might be a good place to start)–it is about sight, do we see people as those who also reflect the divine image of God over and above trite differences that tend to plague the human experience. Seeing the world and creation as God sees it. Thanks for the challenging remarks.


  2. Oh but wouldn’t we then have to really get to know someone? How would we know how they want to be loved unless we know them? Which of course is the point. Thanks for the reminder, even during the season for giving it is pretty easy to be selfish…


  3. Greg, you’ve helped me settle on my new year’s resolution.

    (I can only focus on one each year.)

    This year, I’ve been trying to see everyone in my field of vision as someone for whom Jesus died.

    Next year, if I can’t see through their eyes how they would like for me to relate to them, I’m going to ask!


  4. Thank you for the Platinum Rule. I clicked over from another site (the guy with the orange and white logo–Brenton?). I needed this today.


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