Trimming Christmas

Our family participated in a story done by The Tennessean newspaper about simplifying Christmas yet trying to make it more meaningful each year.

December 25, 2004 issue of The Tennessean: Trimming Christmas

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  1. Greg, the article was wonderful. I have to confess that the Brenton household overdoes Christmas in the extreme. Angi just loves Christmas. My son’s new gifts (his birthday is Dec. 18th) are stacked in the hallway outside of his room because there’s no more room inside. That can’t be good. Tomorrow I’ll go in with a Goodwill box and we’ll start sorting. And I will share a copy of The Tennessean article with his mom!

    A local congregation that is a Church-of-Christ offshoot, Little Rock Church, has celebrated Advent with the candle-lighting ceremony for years. (*SIGH* I still remember how wonderful the little stone chapel on Indianapolis’ Monument Circle used to look and smell on Christmas Eve with pine boughs and red ribbons and candles in each window!)

    I’m afraid the best we can do at my home church is a rerun of the “Why It’s Okay To Talk About Jesus At Christmas” sermon.

    Bless you and yours in the remainder of the holiday season and the year to come. Thanks for continuing to give me a lot to think and pray about!


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