Topanga Canyon Road in Malibu

If you’ve ever driven on Topanga Canyon Road in Malibu, California, close to Pepperdine, you need to see this photo. Even if you haven’t driven it, I think you’ll still be amazed.

Lord, grant wisdom to residents to evacuate in time for mudslides not to harm them, give strength to rescuers, and help the people in California by blowing a wind to stop the rain. And we’re continuing to think about the people in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, India, Sumatra island, who are in dire need. You know them, Father, every one. Comfort your people, Lord. Please guide the ships, the airlifts, the rescuers by the hundreds of thousands cooperating to get relief in and the complicated matrix it must be.

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  1. I believe this picture is real, but I kind of get the feel that is the huge round rolling rock that Indiana Jones was running away from at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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