At long last! (I learned that expression from the Brits I know.)

I’ve been wanting to do a blog on Wineskins site for as long as I’ve known what blogs are, and now thanks to Keith Brenton, who worked through the template and resolved several key problems with incorporating a blog into a current site like Wineskins, it’s done and you can read and post there. THANKS Keith!

I’ll be inviting about a dozen co-administrators in the next few weeks, so if you are interested, please call me at 888.216.9944 or email me at Or leave a comment here. I will definitely invite some of our editors and contributors but also would like to see some good bloggers out there contribute to the dialogue on Wineskins. Bring it on!

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  1. Greg,
    I’d be interested in helping out. I just found out I might have the opportunity to present a workshop/seminar to the Highland missions committee on how to be a “missional” missions committee. My current interests/though projects are how to take this missional idea, flesh it out in terms of church planting and international missions, and seeing how churches can put it to real use (i.e., make it operational). I’d be happy to share some thoughts and experiences from that.

    Plus, I like blogging. Blogging with a purpose is better than my blogs about boogers and Macintosh computers!


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