Grandmother praying Scriptures

This is a loving prayer of my Mother for her children and grandchildren this week. She prays Scriptures for her offspring, one of the intercessory forms of Lectio Divina, though I’m not sure she’d call it that. Here is one she sent for two of her eleven grandchildren:

It is rainy here and cool – but we had some sunshine today. I went by Granny D’s house today and she had sweet potato plants sitting on a stand by her chair – she is watching them grow until it is warm enough to put them in the garden. She loves to watch things grow and even though she is almost 94 years old – she still gets itchy to get out in the garden and play in the dirt. Wish you were here to help us plant the sweet potatoes.

Hope you have a wonderful day in school tomorrow. I know you both will do well because you are good workers! So this is the prayer for you today. From John 15:9-17: “Count Emma and Anna as your friends, Lord. Let them live according to your words, loving others as you have loved them . . . obeying your commands . . . and feeling safe in your life-giving love.”

We pray that God will wrap you in His arms tonight as you sleep – we love you dearly. Nammy and Papa (Pops)

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  1. It’s great to hear your grandmother’s “Lectio Divina”. I have had the opportunity to observe the amazing faith of my wife’s grandparents, saints who understand the spiritual gifts of mercy and service and embody a holisitc gospel…though they would never use such words. It’s time we appreciate the spiritual father’s and mother’s within our own families and churches!


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