Mother’s Day: She Deserves a Little Money

Jacob, 6, was talking to his sister, Anna, 8, and this is what we overheard:

I’m gonna give mom five dollars for Mother’s Day . . . she deserves some money.

After running to the store for a couple last minute items for Mother’s Day, thinking I’d help my children make their mother’s day, I came home to them sitting on the bed with handmade crafts, pictures, gift bags. I had forgotten how much my Anna loves to prepare and give gifts. That’s one key way she shows love. I felt stupid having her sign the card I’d bought for them. The kids had each already made their own card. I should have just asked Anna and Ashley, 11, earlier what they’d planned.

Jill’s father had come to help take care of the kids while I was at Pepperdine last week. Her mother and grandmother joined us, so we had a great Mother’s Day with four generations of Rudd/Smiley/Taylor women together.

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2 comments on “Mother’s Day: She Deserves a Little Money

  1. Hey Greg…
    It’s nice to find your blog.

    You did a very good job at the Wineskins devo Wednesday morning at Pepperdine.

    Your new church will be blessed to have you.


  2. Thanks for insight into the way kids see gift giving and how we as hurried, harried parents and grandparents view it. That is one of the reasons that I am grateful for the Spirit who takes our offerings before the Father and makes them what they need to be – and I guess I got the spiritual and physical mixed in that analogy but I think we as family take the gifts of love and they are seen through eyes of love and they are just what we need.
    Thank you for your gift of yellow Mums – they are sitting on the chair on the porch and Bobby, Laur’s cat, loves to lie by them. You are a blessing to me. Love, Mom


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