I repent

As I’ve traveled recently to St. Louis (Kairos Church Planting Meeting) and Nashville (ZOE Conference), you’ve been telling me that you’ve been checking my blog but have found nothing new. My apologies.

The dry spell occurred from late August till now . . . so much was happening in life, and I won’t bore you with details now. In upcoming posts, I plan, however, to reflect on events of summer, Katrina relief and how Jill and I have reacted to moving in a new home when hundreds of thousands have lost theirs.

I’ll also be reflecting on the Kairos Church Planting Meeting, ZOE conferences, the latest issue of Wineskins, the next book I have coming. Mostly, I have stories about lives transformed and what it’s like seeing that and the impact on us.

I leave you with words to this cutting and important song by Derek Webb that Randy Gill sang at the ZOE Leadership Conference Friday, October 7. The song gives voice to much of what I’ve been feeling for eleven years since moving to Uganda and returning. And now that Katrina peeled back one of the covers on poverty in America, I believe God is calling us to take a serious look at the way we live, the way we engage with the poor.

I repent

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5 comments on “I repent

  1. Looks as if the spammers have found you. 🙂 How ironic, in light of your post.

    Good to see your words. Virginia enjoyed her brief conversation over the weekend. Hope to see you in Fresno.



  2. good to see you back, greg 🙂

    derek’s album is one of my favorites of this year so far (along with Todd Agnew’s newest). they remind me of the likes of Keith Green and Rich Mullins, voices that I have missed in “CCM” of late.


  3. Good to see a post Greg. Boy that song sure is powerfull, I love Derek Webb and his flat out truth. If you haven’t heard the song “Wedding Dress” you need to. It was actually going to be removed from Mardel because it is so in your face. How are things going at Garnett and with Katrina Relief, Small Groups etc. Let me know

    I got a 94 on my first Greek Test just thought you’d like to know. Thanks for the encouragment.



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