The thing I lack

I link because I lack the incredible faith that this community has, and I want to learn more, blend it with my life experience in Uganda, poverty in America, my own prosperity.

I link to Bruderhof Communities because it challenges me, my assumptions about the world, poverty, politics, faith, Christ.

In this article, Dan Hallock, a writer who in the late 1980s, an Ivy League graduate with a promising career, traded the fast track in the New York suburbs for a life of voluntary propertylessness, replies to readers who called an earlier article, Paris is burning. What can we do? Hallock lives at Woodcrest Bruderhof with his wife Emily.

The Thing You Lack: Jesus’s Words to the Well-Heeled

By Greg Taylor Posted in General

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  1. It is a high calling – though I’m not convinced it is a calling for everyone. The difference between what Jesus tells the rich young ruler in the Synoptics and what He tells His followers in Luke 12:33 is the word “all.” “Sell all your possessions” is the advice given to the rich fellow whose riches and possessions are a barrier to following Christ. “Sell your possessions” is the advice given to anyone who needs to know the joy of generosity.

    There are no words of chastisement for Joseph of Arimathea, who was wealthy enough to donate a temporary tomb for an itinerant Messiah.

    No reproof for Lydia, who had many servants and was a merchant in costly items.

    I don’t mean to imply that I think the “gospel of wealth” (God blesses the good!) is true; it’s not. God blesses whom He wills – and HOW and WHEN.

    I do believe that a lot of us who think we’re blessed by our wealth don’t have a clue how blessed we would be by sharing it more.


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