God’s Politics, Jim Wallis, and Sojourners

If you’re like me, you’ve been inspired by the movement of Christians re-staking political ground previously ceded to one of two political parties. I heard one leader of this movement, Jim Wallis, speak earlier this year, and I immediately bought his book, God’s Politics: Why the right is wrong and the left doesn’t get it.

The book, the movement, Wallis, and his Sojourners Magazine, cuts both ways, through both major American political parties, calling Dems to remember the faith roots of their social programs and Reps to remember that war, capital punishment, and poverty are moral issues in addition to abortion and gay marriage. Of the many ideas you may be interested in, the complete life ethic is one that I think is most right.

My buddies, David & Robbie Hutchens and Don Moore, invited me along to hear Wallis, and to them I’m grateful for the ongoing conversation we have about making our faith “more political” in the sense that all faith must be enfleshed in practical action in our communities, and if it’s not, we must wonder if it’s really faith that we have.

Book Review: God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It by David Hutchens and Greg Taylor

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  1. Why do you think greed and the moral issue of poverty are pinned on Republicans? As a Christian you have undoubtedly seen the EXTREME generosity of other Christians throughout your life. Sure there are greedy Republican corporate executives, just like there are greedy Democratic attorneys, but to say that all 59 million who voted Republican in the last presidential election don’t get poverty is off mark. I would venture to say that the generosity of Christians who have recently voted primarily Republican far surpasses that of the primarily secular Democrats.


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