End of the Spear

Recently, my cousin, Clint Davis, handed me a press packet for End of the Spear, the amazing movie version of the events surrounding the attempted contact by five American families to the Waodani tribe in Ecuador that ended in the deaths of five of the missionary men.

Later, the wives of the men went back. The story of forgiveness and redemption is powerfully told in LIFE magazine and by Elizabeth Elliot in Through the Gates of Splendor.

Here’s the incredible twist that comes with the movie, End of the Spear: It’s told from the perspective of the Waodani.

The story follows Mincayani, a warrior who led the raid to kill the missionaries and his encounter with Steve Saint, the son of Nate Saint, one of the five who Mincayani helped spear.

What will happen at the end of the spear? The movie comes out January 20. I’ll need a review for Wineskins January 21 asap. If you are planning to go, please contact me and send in a review to Greg Taylor.

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