Dennis Dewey

I met Dennis Dewey at the Rochester College Sermon Seminar in May.

I ordered three of his DVDs:

How to tell and learn a Bible story

The Christmas Gospels

In the Beginning, Towards the Middle, and All the Way to the End: Stories from Genesis to Revelation

I have always been deeply interested in learning, internalizing, and telling Bible stories. With several of my Ugandan friends, we translated Bruce Wilkerson’s “Walk through the Bible” into Lusoga and taught the active learning stories with hand motions in villages in Southeastern Uganda. That was fun. Mike Cope was with me one day when I taught the signs of God’s story, and he can tell you what a hoot it was to watch old men and women and children alike standing up and shaping their arms into “creation!” then bringing them down to show “the fall” then raising them again for the “flood” and on and on.

One of Dennis Dewey’s calls for us who tell stories is to internalize them. I’ve been trying to do this more, and I’ll tell you later about one of those stories I’m internalizing, not just preaching, not just memorizing, not just exegeting, but internalizing the story.