15-year-old drives school bus to safety

Tulsa World Staff Writer RHETT MORGAN wrote about a Pryor, Oklahoma high school sophomore last week who kept his composure and guided a school bus to safety after the driver–his former neighbor–passed out with a heart attack while the bus was moving forward.

Freshman Bradley Thibodeau noticed the driver, Brian Parish, 49, slumped over the wheel, and Josh Marin, 15, jumped up, steered the bus to safety–it had been rolling about five mph. He turned off the ignition and told the twenty students to get off the bus and instructed another student to call 911.

No students were injured, and Parish was in critical condition. Marlin was riding the bus for the first time that day. He sat close to the driver, who was his former neighbor. ” He wanted me to sit in the front seat so he could talk . . . about working on my pickup,” Marlin said.

Principal Terry Gwartney said Josh did exactly what he should have done and it was all caught on surveillance tape–“a demonstration of what you should do in that type of emergency situation,” Gwartney said.