Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush: Is either the devil?

Hugo Chavez calls George W. the devil last week. Jerry Falwell says Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy would be more opposed by right wing than Lucifer himself.

Ben Witherington has a better said post on this.

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One comment on “Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush: Is either the devil?

  1. If we wanna go with a woman, let’s go with Hillary! She’s got more masculine characteristics than anyone else, she’s got some guts, knowledge and even though she’s quite progressive in her thinking, I think we need someone to push us a little. Challenge our supreme courts and see what we really believe. Challenge the people and see what they really think and feel. Challenge us Christians to see what we really think is important.

    Might be a nice change. A little pain and persecution never hurt the 1st century church. Hmmm-

    We could call HIllary’s campaign “Restore the 1st Century Church by putting government leaders in that oppose some of your moral beliefs”

    Let’s do it! I see it now, all those Welcome to ____ city Church of Christ signs with “VOTE HILARY! RESTORE THE 1st CENTURY CHURCH WITH GOVERNMENT vs. CHURCH STATUS”

    Haha! Yes… I’m a democrat.


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