Lauren Winner

winner-lauren.jpgLauren Winner is coming to ZOE this Thursday and Friday.

I interviewed her a few years ago by phone and have enjoyed and been moved by her story and her courageous writing style and content. She is a daughter of a Reform Jewish father and a lapsed Baptist mother. During her freshman year at Columbia University, she converted to Orthodox Judaism. She studied in England, receiving a master’s degree from Cambridge University, and during that time she was baptized into Christ.

If you were thinking of coming to ZOE, haven’t made reservations, but you really want to go, see if you can shift some things around and come. I talked to Eric and the Leadership Conference and Worship Conference registration both total around 1,200 but there’s still space and you can register here.

Go to Wineskins to read an excerpt from her recent book, Real Sex.

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  1. Greg,

    I’m looking forward to hearing her in person. Writer’s who also do public speaking are fascinating to me. They have to almost be someone different.

    She is honest, brave and incredibly prophetic.



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