Snow Day

Snow day today. Ice, sleet, snow coming down in Tulsa. School’s out. Three children home. Started with breakfast and the “Snow Day Talk” about how everyone’s going to get along. So far only one sister to sister confrontation that was resolved with chores and five Scriptures they picked about how they ought to treat one another.

Went outside with our seven-year-old son and ten-year-old daughter and tied the sled to the bike and rode around until the rope broke from rubbing on the tire, then we found a hill to do some sledding, but it’s bitter cold and windy so had to come in before frostbite set in.

Snow days are good times to catch up on Sports Illustrated (me) and Sudoku (anyone but me) and talking to each other (all of us) and phone calls (got a ZOE Fresno conference call and Jill’s letting her fingers do the walking and reaching out to family across the states) and rest and work.

I take a few days off during the year to write, so I better get rolling on that. I have a backlog of Wineskins articles to edit and an upcoming book project to sketch out.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun w/ the family today. It’s nice to have those unexpected little “gifts” once in a while. Looks like another gift awaits us tomorrow.
    Can you expound on the book project?


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