Adam and Moses

They have biblical names and, like these biblical heroes of old, Adam Langford and Moses Kimezi have been pillars of faith. They died Tuesday in a tragic vehicle accident in Uganda.

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Moses Kimezi’s funeral was yesterday. Mark Moore and John Barton flew in from the states to attend with more than 500 others from Uganda who loved and appreciated this self-less man of God who was a carpenter and a manager of our Source of Life Cafe. He was indeed a source of life and will be incredibly missed. He leaves Irene, his wife, and three children.

Mark Moore and Moses Kimezi became friends ten years ago and this is what he said at his funeral: He said that peopple might think that Moses became the type of person he was because of being around missionaires, but for Mark that wasn’t the case. Mark said that he is a better person after being around Moses.

Marnie Moore wrote this about Moses:

Through the years I honestly never saw the man do anything selfish. Nothing, period. He was always helpful to me when Mark wasn’t around, loaned me money almost weekly, and continually worked as a peacekeeper amongst all of our friends. He was strong, constant, loving, encouraging and full of grace. He was patient and kind to our kids, and was especially patient and kind to me. He advised me and helped protect me. Mark and I have often spoken through the years, especially since leaving Uganda, that we have so much admiration for him.

Adam Langford was the kind of person that people were drawn to, whether children watching him balance a soccer ball on his foot, coffee growers he was helping the day he died, Source Cafe employees he worked alongside. Adam was in Uganda to proclaim good news to the poor, and he died in a tragic way but the love and joyful way he lived his life will make an indelible impression on Ugandans for decades to come. I know my Ugandan brothers and sisters will not forget him.

The funeral for Adam is being planned now in Edmond, Oklahoma as his body is being flown back to the states. The date for the funeral has not been determined because of the uncertainty of the day his body is to arrive in Oklahoma.

You can read more about Adam’s outlook on life and his mission in his online journal.

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