I stink at blogging

I’m no daily blogger. You know that if you come here often. One reason is that the “web editing” time I take is often spent on http://www.wineskins.org, which I hope you’ll visit often. So when you get a dry well here, be sure to head over to Wineskins.

In L.A. this week with Jill at the Pepperdine Lectures. Sunny and breezy and have stolen away to sit by ocean a couple times . . . with a bag of sea salt bagel chips and string cheese and a mango . . . and, well, chocolate. Dark for me, Reeses for Jill.

Oh, the lectures! Have enjoyed a few, including Harold Shank’s always biblically faithful call, this one to respond to poverty in Jeremiah’s tearful and passionate way. Here mostly to talk about and promote ZOE/Wineskins and connect with people who write and work with me on Wineskins projects. Always enjoyable to talk to people who write for us.

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4 comments on “I stink at blogging

  1. Greg,

    I visited Tulsa last week for the first time (I’m from Knoxville, TN). Stopped by Garnett on Wed night and got to meet several people, among them Shawn and Arlene Mays. They were kind enough to sit down at dinner with me and later give me a ride home. We had a number of things in common. We’re Harding grads, though I’m from a much earlier era. They lived in Jonesboro, AR in the late 90’s where my family is. And, Shawn worked in Kenya one summer with my cousin Fielden. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. Thank you for Wineskins and the good that it does.



  2. Regarding regularity of blogging, my first year with a blog was spotty, at best. As my thoughts regathered (following some issues I had in ministering with a church in New Mexico) my blogging became more regular,and now I post pretty much daily. At the same time, I know that as I get active in ministry again, I’ll be losing my time to blog. It’s a trade-off, but a fair one.


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