B.C. and Kudzu

Two great cartoonists have died this year. Doug Marlette, who lived and worked in Tulsa, died this week in a tragic car accident, and Johnny Hart, who created the cartoon my eyes always lock on like a magnet to metal on a page full of comics. I’ll miss their wit and wisdom. The two cartoons below link to more about them and their work.

Johnnny Hart

Doug Marlette

2 comments on “B.C. and Kudzu

  1. I read cartoons daily and there are some that I miss because the author died or decided to stop drawing.


  2. Greg,

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    I’m learning a lot and finding blogging to be enjoyable and a place to write my thoughts in a faster way than keeping a journal. I hadn’t heard that Johnny Hart died. B.C. has always been my favorite and I will miss it very much.

    I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you will take a moment to look at mine.



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