I’ve been waiting six years to finally tell you . . .

This is a copy of the letter I’ll be sending out Monday morning to about 10,000 people.

Wineskins Magazine content is now completely FREE.

A huge part of my job over the last six years has been to make Wineskins Magazine accessible to a whole new generation. Now, there are no more barriers. Wineskins is worldwide and FREE for all.

Starting now, you don’t need a subscription to access all the great content at www.wineskins.org.

You can read great interviews, articles, and reviews completely FREE. There’s no catch.

How can we do it?

God has graciously upheld the mission of The ZOE Group and Wineskins in many ways through good people like you. We will continue to advertise for your organization on 3 million annual page views and to a list of nearly 10,000 emails, receive your kind donations, and sell great music and book resources at The ZOE Store. These are the streams that will help sustain the ministries of conferences, online resources, worship music, and now the ZOE Growing Deeper and Spiritual Direction programs.

If you’ve subscribed for many years, come to our conferences, given financially, purchased resources from The ZOE Group, THANK YOU. Please keep walking with us as we help one another walk with Christ.

That’s it. Enjoy Wineskins FREE for Christmas, 2008, and beyond.


Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor
Managing Editor
Wineskins Magazine

3 comments on “I’ve been waiting six years to finally tell you . . .

  1. That face… that new face… I’m really trying to get used to it, but the way it’s just sneaking up from the black abyss is concerning to me. It seems to be saying, ‘Pssst…hey, wanna buy a watch?’ You know I love ya though, and I’m trying, I really am trying.


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