Father-Son @ Cowboys-Eagles

My son, Jacob, and I went with our good friends, Chris and Eli King, to the Dallas vs. Philly MNF game.

My son, Jacob, and I went with our good friends, Chris and Eli King, to the Dallas vs. Philly MNF game.

My good friend Chris King said he was thinking about going to the MNF Cowboys vs. Eagles game. We were standing around before our sons started their flag football game Saturday.

We left promising each other we’d look at tickets online and report back. I forgot the promise. Chris, on the other hand, scoured online, found tickets at the Cowboys season ticket holder exchange.

We drove down in the afternoon, sat down around kickoff time, were in the wrong seats, so we moved, found our seats and had a blast. The game had it all: Romo fumble in the end zone, T.O. revving up the manic crowd, Jackson’s drop on the 1, huge plays, McNabb playing lights out, big turnovers–well, I guess it almost didn’t have any defense but Eagles and Cowboys defenses both came through in the fourth quarter. The hook and ladder by the Eagles couldn’t close the gap. We were cheering for the Eagles in the Cowboy’s wild west house. Jacob kept asking why they’d want another stadium, why they’d want to tear this one down (I don’t know if they are tearing it down, do you?)

I told Jacob “You’ll never forget this one because it was your first, and an incredible one to start with!” Maybe he’ll see some better defensive games in the future, but for all the excitement of MNF, that was a rare treasure and great memory for all of us.

Thanks, Kristen, for letting us drive the Tahoe and thanks, Chris, for arranging everything. Chris is a great friend, brother in Christ, and fellow minister. He is youth pastor at Liberty Church in Broken Arrow.

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  1. 3 things.

    1. This is super cool. I remember going with my fam to a Rams game in 98. That this was a Father-Son mini-trip makes it doubly great!
    2. I’m super jealous.
    3. I think it’s great he’s got a Brett Favre jersey on there! Be true to your players even at Texas Stadium.

    also, I hope you’re doing great man! it was terrific to see ya a few weeks ago at the airport…you’re in my prayers lately!


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