Dr. David Hall

My good friend David Hall has the best eye clinic in Tulsa are and Okmulgee. The staff are great and helpful, and Dr. Hall has helped our family a lot over the years, since the time we were in Uganda and needed our eyeballs checked while traveling in the states.

Now it’s a real pleasure to live close to Dave and Suzette Hall. Dave is a great family man and leader in Muskogee Church of Christ, where I’ll be visiting April 26th to speak to a leadership gathering.

Visit Dr. Hall if you need your eyes checked and if you need to be encouraged!

The Eye Center South Tulsa

Earth Day Wednesday, April 22

This message is from Michael, co director of Alternatives for Simple Living http://www.simpleliving.org

How will you be spending Earth day? We hope you will be able to spend time enjoying creation and support efforts to encourage the wise stewardship of the planet earth.

A common comment these days is "Now is the time we need to start living more simply." Usually this comment is made in the context of the current economic situation, where people are losing their jobs and investment income.

That is a good reason, but I think the reason we need to live more simply is more than adapting to an economic downturn; it is about the survival of human life on earth. "Live simply so others
can simply live" says it clearly. We in the, so called, developed world cannot continue to consume in the fashion or amount we have grown accustomed to and expect that life on Earth will thrive let alone survive.

David Korten, in his new book, Agenda for a New Economy; From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth writes, "Unless we are voluntary simplicity initiates, we are inclined to increase our consumption in tandem with growth in our income, placing an even greater burden on our planet. We often say with pride, "I can afford it," without asking whether Earth can afford it."

Earth Day asks if the planet can afford humankind's careless use of resources, particularly the extravagance of the richest third of the Earth's inhabitants. Our faith traditions ask whether we are being faithful managers or stewards of God's creation, and reflect back to us, that as we care for creation we are showing love to God and neighbor.

Have a great Earth Day,


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Larry James coming to Garnett April 19

Larry James, CEO of Central Dallas Ministries

Larry James, CEO of Central Dallas Ministries

We’ve invited Larry James, CEO of Central Dallas Ministries, to return after three years and speak to our congregation April 19, 10 am.

Larry and his right hand attorney, John Greenan, gave us the spark and imagination three years ago to launch the Green Country Event Center, a “business as mission” effort to be good stewards of the Garnett Church facility and partner with God in pursuing our community.

Since then, we’ve been learning and enjoying rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life, from five different churches that meet regularly, several schools including Union GED/ESL, dozens of businesses and people of peace who have come to use our place. We’re on an amazing journey, and Larry is coming to help spark vision again, this time for another phase that includes land around our church as another part of the mission to be good neighbors and make disciples of Christ in East Tulsa.

Your view of life, the poor, the economy, and the kingdom of God will be challenged by what Larry James has to say Sunday, April 19 at Garnett, 10 am. We’ll have a lunch after worship to talk more about our vision and show a video that Lance Newsom is working on that asks a couple dozen people around Garnett and event center, “What’s God up to in your life and this community?” Please join us for worship and lunch!

Blessing of the Sun – Overlap of Christian and Jewish Calendars

Jeff Krisman, co-director of Neighborhood Kitchens, our Wednesday night meal we share with 200 plus each week at Garnett Church of Christ, sat with several of us and gave us an explanation of the Jewish Blessing of the Sun, a once every 28-year occurrence in the Jewish calendar.

Also rare is the overlap of the Christian and Jewish calendars so the celebration of the events of Passover, Cross, Resurrection line up in the way they did originally, with the Last Supper shared in Passover.

And what a rare blessing to have our Jewish friend, Jeff Krisman, share more about his Jewish faith during our Wednesday meal. He was having one unofficial Midrashing (if that’s a word) “Seder” with us then went home for the official Seder meal.

Jeff and his wife, Lori, and friends Morgan (who washes dishes with Kramer Newsom) and Laura (who sits at the welcome table with Lori), also brought Easter Eggs. Jeff said, “It’s not often a Jewish couple brings Easter eggs to give out at a Christian Church.” Yes, that’s right. Jeff and Lori, May your Passover celebration be joyous and filled with hope . . . and may our Christian celebration of redemption at the cross and resurrection be joyous and filled with hope as well.


Going to BOK tonight for Bruce Springsteen and I'm pumped as any concert I've ever been to. I don't go to many but said if Springsteen ever comes to T-town, I'm going. Friends Chris and Kristin King, brother Brent, nephew Brandon, and friends from Bartlesville Doug Sanders, Bob Knapp, Roy Kimrey going. We'll meet at Joe Mamma's downtown before. If you are going tonight to the Boss, then see you there and come on up for the Rising.

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Highland Church of Christ (Memphis) men leading the way

I’m very impressed with the men at Highland Church of Christ Memphis men’s retreat at Victory Ranch over the weekend. Thanks to Brian and Sarah Hoover, Trent and Kristen Williamson, their families, and all the guys at Highland who hosted my son, Jacob, and me. Thank you so much for a great time.

Enjoyed catching up with some old friends from Harding and it was great to see my favorite professor from Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Dr. Allen Black. He has been so kind to me that I wasn’t really nervous about presenting 3 sessions on the cross in front of one of my professors. I spoke on the seven sayings/prayers of Jesus at the cross. More than anything, I felt inadequate and humbled about speaking on the cross, period.

Victory Ranch is a remarkable place with climbing wall, 900 feet zip line (we didn’t get to ride that one but swung on a unique cable between trees that swings you 100 feet back and forth and pretty high up). The guys took photos, so I’ll post when I get those.

Jacob and I also enjoyed a visit to New Hope School where Trent Williamson is headmaster. What a great school and incredible work Trent is up to in Memphis.