What is justice?

What does the word justice bring to mind? What did justice mean to Jesus?

I think of the words "fairness" and "equity" and "dignity" among others.

Today we're hosting Paul Kent from Habitat for Humanity Tulsa at the Green Country Event Center. We'll get his input on how our land or resources can be used to bring justice to those without adequate or affordable housing in Tulsa.

We're also hosting Linda Williamson, Chairman of the Board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Tulsa. She is bringing her team and we'll also get their input on how we can participate in justice for Hispanic people in Tulsa.

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Sunday, May 10

Sunday is Mother's Day and Baby Dedication @ Garnett Church of Christ

Lundy Morrison and Janet Collins have put together an excellent dedication and time to honor mothers. Kathy Erwin and children's chorus will be singing, and Amy Victory plans to give a testimony that goes along with Greg Taylor's sermon. There are a few pieces of good news and surprises you won't want to miss, but you'll have to come to find out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: After Bible classes this Sunday, May 10, all children and babies of all ages will be coming into worship for the entire worship time. Nursery will still be open if mothers need it but it will not be staffed for leaving babies, since all ages of children will be with us for whole worship.

JAMES AND NELDA LAWRENCE: Nelda Lawrence's dad, Byron Stewart, passed away suddenly Wednesday May 6 in Longview, TX. James and Nelda are traveling there for the funeral which will be Satruday at 2 p.m. Please pray for Nelda's family. Related to this, Greg Taylor will teach a combined class in James Lawrence's place, 9 am Sunday, May 10 in Building 6.


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