Will you join the Restoration?

I have made two decisions . . .

1. I love the Churches of Christ family and plan to stay as long as the family doesn’t vote me off the island.

2. God loves people of all nations, and Christ still deeply desires the unity he prayed for, and I want to be part of that unity with all who follow Jesus.

These two decisions bring a healthy tension in my life. And if you take these two decisions seriously, you too will feel a deeper tension. This tension is similar to the way you feel when you love your family but also have compassion for the outcast. You take risks, you do not abandon your first loves, but you also do not abandon a suffering person to injustice or hopelessness.

Today and in this article the call is for Churches of Christ to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to be set free from the idea that we can master the Bible and all truth. Rather, we must let the Bible and the Spirit of Truth master us.

The question is not, “When will people join us?” but a bigger question: “When will we join the 21st Century Restoration and Revival that’s happening worldwide?” God’s Spirit is moving and incredible and passionate and I want to be part of what’s God is doing among people of all nations, tribes, and denominations.

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  1. Agree and affirm..

    I just read again the post linked to Wineskins. After reading the article and the comments I suggest that if anyone is too cowardly to give their name they should not be given a voice. “Anonymous” comments should be deleted in my view.

    Thanks for the post and the noble challenge.



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