East Tulsa Turf Tour

Today, Saturday December 12 at 1 pm we’ll take an “East Tulsa Turf Tour” with many from the student ministry and Zach Smith from Dry Bones Denver. We’ll see places where darkness has come and ask God to open our eyes to where the kingdom can break in and light can penetrate those dark places.

I’ve experienced and participated in “Turf Tours” in three places over the years, and we’re about to add a fourth in East Tulsa.

Mike Cope introduced a few of us at Harding in the 80s to a “prayer tour” and in later years our mission team in Uganda developed a “Jinja Tour” out of Mike’s idea.

Dry Bones Denver has a powerful “Turf Tour” in downtown Denver. In all the examples, participants are taken by foot or public transport to dark places in the city. Prayers are lifted up, words are exchanged about how light can penetrate the darkest places in the city.

The tours are about awareness but most of all about opening our eyes to see where the kingdom of God may break in today.