Oral Roberts, 1918-2009, “A Giant of the Christian Faith”

ORU President Mark Rutland called Oral Roberts a “Giant of the Christian faith.” Here is a “Giant of the Christian Faith” pictured with the “King of Rock-n-Roll” in a file photo posted by the Tulsa World today

Oral Roberts Dies | by Bill Sherman, Religion Editor, Tulsa World

Oral Roberts believed God can heal today, that we should give as if planting a seed and expect to see a harvest of blessing, that God does big things, and Roberts wanted to lead and be a part of that kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Roberts died at 91, and he has been preaching for seven decades, and he is known and respected worldwide by millions who have watched in awe of his faith, his courage to pray for what God can do rather than simply saying there’s nothing he can do.

I grew up thinking Oral Roberts was weird and suspect for his doctrines, but mainly for his claims on raising the dead and money. In the late 80s he is infamous for saying if he didn’t get $8 million the Lord might call him home. He got more than $8 million, and some criticized him for his tactics and outlandish claims, but few criticized his passion, his desire to heal the whole person.

God has turned my life upside down since those days growing up and viewing Oral Roberts as suspect and odd, to now wondering what made him do what he did. I’m impressed with his grand dreams and calling. How was the Holy Spirit leading him? What did he do that was not of the Holy Spirit that he himself might say was ill-advised. I know he would claim mistakes.

Bill Sherman is a very competent and skilled Religion Editor of the Tulsa World. His featured article on the front page of today’s Tulsa World is both a fitting tribute and an important historical piece. I appreciate Bill and his perspectives that he brings to the religious community in Tulsa.

Oral Roberts Dies | by Bill Sherman, Religion Editor, Tulsa World