How to pack a well drilling kit is revolutionizing water well drilling by producing human-powered tools where no electricity or heavy equipment is available, to countries worldwide. We are taking a kit like the one being packed here to Uganda.

Thank you to Steve Stewart who has engineered these parts, to Pumps of Oklahoma and Thanks also to Jeff and Jeffery Deavenport for helping pack up the kit in seven duffle bags. Thanks to Chris Fields for providing the duffles and to the Garnett Church of Christ for donating money for this kit.

Drilling with these tools costs a fraction of cost of a drilling rig and gets the community involved in sustainable development, drilling for their own water. Clean water is the first building block of health. A third of the world does not have clean water. Well water is one of the best methods for getting naturally filtered water to communities.

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  1. Did you have any trouble getting through customs with the water kit? Glad that you are there safely and enjoying renewing friendships with your Uganda friends. How are the kids liking being back?


  2. I have just been told by my son Matt Hangen and his wife Grace, how fantastic the visit from your organization was in developing a much more efficient system for installing wells in Togo. They all were pleased with the way everyone worked together and your groups’ desire to continue helping get clean water to these people. The tooling and training are valuable and precious assets to their team. God Bless all of you!


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