My son Jacob standing next to 15 foot pit in Uganda

What you’re going to see in this video is the power of working together. A group of Ugandans dug a 15 foot pit for a latrine but never used it. When we broke tools trying to break through lava rock, we decided after 2 days to explore using that pit.

We began 15 feet down and immediately progressed quickly to 25 feet, then 45 feet the next day. You’ll hear Roy Mwesigwa talking about what we’re going to do next, and that was typical of the way we worked for six days together, muddling through, sharing opinions, sometimes too many, and we had to just take one of our ideas and run with it.

You’ll also see a local woman scooping the wet sand/clay mix and she she said she wanted to smear it on her hut. You’ll see my son, Jacob, showing how his hands have chalky white soil on them from the composition of the soil we were extracting, and you’ll see 3 *real* men down in the hole working hard. One of these guys, James Okumu, was the oldest on the well drilling site.

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  1. Your children learned some great “life lessons” on your pilgrimage back to Uganda. You and Jill planned and provided a wonderful trip for your family. Very proud of you! Love you all,
    Aunt Karen


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