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Can water wells be dug by hand? Yes, that have for centuries. Can a 6 inch diameter bore hole be drilled by hand and hit water? Until now, most people would say no, you need a drilling rig.

Enter Water4, Dick Greenley, Chris Cotner, and Steve Stewart. Two years ago, my friend Chris King introduced me to these guys and a new project called Water4, a not-for-profit based out of Pumps of Oklahoma in OKC, OK. I’ve been around water projects and lived in Uganda for seven years, but I’d never seen anything like these tools: hand augers, balers, rock breakers, and an innovative and powerful yet affordable pump.

As one Ugandan said, “This changes everything.” Will it happen fast? It could but that’s up to people joining hands, working hard, and giving countries around the world their own chance to dig their own wells.

Water4 provides tools, designs that are public domain, expertise, and people like you and me travel and take tools and help train local people and leave projects in their hands to develop as each country and churches and communities see fit.

Watch this video and write me if you want to know more.

3 comments on “Water4Uganda Video

  1. Greg,

    Great video! Kibo Group wants to scale up our part in making this water movement in Uganda a reality! Thanks for your passion for sharing Christ and for your vision for justice in this world.


  2. Amazing Video ! i live in Tanzania and seeing the problem that remote villages face the struggle to make with limited water supply i just hope if you and your team could may be come to Tanzania Arusha share the love of Christ and dig a few well in areas that really need it and i would love to just host you and your team hear in Arusha we can work with a few churches and organize areas to dig . Stay blessed in Jesus


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