Advent – The Story

Source: recommended by Chris Altrock

Some of you follow the Advent Calendar. Some of you do not. Some have never heard of it and others are formulating their response to me for even mentioning it in “Free Church” circles.

One good site that leads a daily thought and activity around Advent, recommended by my friend Chris Altrock is

Advent is a way of preparing individuals, families, and churches for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is done through the lens of the coming Messiah. In other words, we continue to prepare ourselves for the Lord’s return through the event of Christmas and during the days leading up to Christmas, we express faith in various ways, scriptures, prayers, acts of service.

One way I plan to live out Advent is by being available at Cafe Mosaic during the weekday mornings to share more about The Story that Garnett has been going through. I’ll also do more visiting with shut-ins and planning to write letters to my children for Christmas (don’t tell them . . . they don’t read my blog 🙂

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