Run Across America

In 2006, Dean Karnazes, 48, ran 50 marathons in 50 states . . . IN 50 days.

His goal is to get people moving, says running “makes us all human–brings people together.” I love his Karno Kids Foundation motto: No Child Left Inside. Because of fear in middle and upper class secure neighborhoods to apartment complexes, people keep their kids inside and relegate them to video games and obesity. He says, “Obesity sucks” and the fight against childhood obesity starts with none other than the parents, habits of exercise and diet.

This year he’s running 3,100 miles from Disneyland to Manhattan, 40-50 miles a day. Inspiring, almost superhuman, but shows us the upper “limits” of human endurance and strength and perhaps how often we sell ourselves and our abilities too short.

One comment on “Run Across America

  1. Wow! I love his moto…” No Child Left Inside”. It is such a blessing that Garnett is participating in an event together to get us moving! Thanks, Greg for this article and thanks for your support of 5K4KDZ! Wellness+Fellowship+Kids: a great formula for joy and positive influence in our community and all for the glory of God’s perfect plan!


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