Band of Brothers: A decade later

Band of Brothers | 'BROTHERS' IN ARMS The boy soldiers of ''Band'''s Easy CompanyA decade after it was made (originally released a few days before 9/11) . . . I have watched–finally–Band of Brothers. I’m speechless–accept to say with honor and respect to our men and women in uniform, “Thank You.” And to Spielberg and Hanks for making this film series: you have done a great service to generations who could not imagine the “War to End All Wars.”

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  1. I’ve watched Band of Brothers about 5 times. Love them all but maybe the Why We Fight was the most amazing with the line…”that’s not Mozart, that’s Beethoven” as American’s listened and watched three German civilians with stringed instruments play a hauntingly beautiful piece in the midst of the ruins of their town and just a few miles from the horror of a death camp. Beauty…Horror…all from the same people. People are capable of just about anything, and war marks in stark relief the edges of our worst and our best behavior, captured with cinematic eloquence here. Another favorite line as surrendered German soldiers marched home alongside horse drawn wagons, defeated and walking along the pavement of the autobahn, “Say Hello to Ford and GM you stupid servile scum…you have horses?!


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