Servianity is when we serve in order to make ourselves feel better, to relieve guilt, or claim to be serving someone for their sake but never ask what that person really and truly needs from us; service for our own glory rather than for the glory of God.


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Eugene Peterson lecture at University Presbyte...

Eugene Peterson

From Eugene Peterson‘s Living the Message

It is both natural and appropriate to be excited about a person’s conversion. It is the most significant event in life–to be born anew, to be a new creature in Christ. But that significance and the excitement accompanying it do not excuse ignorance and indifference to the complex process of growth into which every Christian is launched via this new birth. Because growth involves so much–so much detail, so much time, so much discipline and patience–it is common to dismiss it and turn over attention to something we can get a quick handle on; the conversion event. Evangelism crowds spirituality off the agenda. But having babies is not a vocation; parenting is. It is easier, of course, to have babies. But a church that refuses or neglects the long, intricate, hard work of guiding its newborn creatures into adulthood is being negligent of most of what is in Scripture.

You’ve had a tast of God. Now, like infants at the breast, drink deep of God’s pure kindness. Then you’ll grow up mature and whole in God.1 Peter 2:2

Growing as healthy Christians

What is the Kibo Group?

The Kibo Group is a group of Americans and Africans seeking local and sustainable solutions that wrestle with issues of poverty and injustice in East Africa. We partner with communities on development projects, such as planting trees, digging water wells, and building fuel-efficient stoves.

We enjoyed having Bobby and Candice Garner with us at Garnett once again. Thanks to everyone who helped raise funds for Kibo, including the “One More Well Project” and Ken Hager and Chuck Pearson. To hear Bobby speak about Kibo click here.

Two Tulsa Churches Come Together –

Here is the link to a news piece done by Bobby Cox about Garnett Church of Christ and Connection Church partnering on children’s ministry and welcoming each other to worship together. We are learning from one another and fellowshipping together with great joy, but it also takes lots of effort and intentionality. Most of all it takes surrender to God through prayer and fasting. Both our churches are this week praying and fasting in different ways. Oct 9 is the Grand Opening of Connection Church.
One Traditional, One Modern, Two Tulsa Churches Come Together –