Writing for Publication and Blogging

I have been writing for publication in printed magazines and books for fourteen years. I started a blog about a decade ago. A pattern emerges over time that when I’m on deadline for a book, you likely won’t see blog posts for a month or so. This is a combination apology-explanation of that pattern. Doesn’t help to give you any new content to read, but it does help me to realize that when I come up on deadlines, I ought to be aware and blog about what I’m working on.

The book I’m writing now is the first solo work I’ve done in ten years. I’m very proud of how it’s taking shape, but it’s a very complicated book that has required me to wake early most mornings to get 2-3 hours writing in before heading to my day job.

If you are an aspiring writer, get up early, stay up late, turn off the TV, carve out regular time, and write. Writers write.

The book I’m working on is narrative non-fiction, a story about a female doctor in Honduras who has fought a long battle in the mountains to establish medical clinics, only to have those facilities and staff members attacked by the rising influence of illegal drug trafficking. The murder rate in the mountain region where the doctor has helped establish clinics is that of a metropolitan area where the population is in the tens of thousands. How does the doctor face this challenge with weapons different from the cartels? Hers is a powerful story of courage and resolve to change the world, to put her life on the line for the sake of God and serving others.

The book is scheduled to be released by Leafwood Publishers September 2013.

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  1. So glad the book is going well. That discipline to rise early and write is one I haven’t accomplished yet. God bless you with extra energy as you finish it. Love you, Mom


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