Steadfast Through Every Change

I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase that Leonard Allen spoke to me over coffee at Pour Jons. When talking about the unchanging nature of God Leonard suggested the phrase, “Steadfast through every change.”

Because, God does change His mind. He changes his strategies. He changes His heart. He is moved. In Christ, He is vulnerable, changing according to the actions of those around Him. But He is steadfast in every change.

I looked up the phrase because I wondered if there is a hymn or poem or Scripture text that uses this exact phrase. I understand that Steadfast is the English translation of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words for the concept of God’s love that never fails. It’s often paired with “love” so that in Lamentations Jeremiah speaks of God’s “Steadfast Love” and in English we sing a song that’s beautifully tied to my faith growing up as a boy:

The Steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases

His Mercies never come to and end

They are new every morning

Great is Thy faithfulness

The Lord is my portion, says my soul!

Therefore I will hope in Him

Searching, I found the exact wording “Steadfast through every change” in a poem, thanks to Google Books, that is in a Christian World magazine from 1867. I’ve embedded the entire poem here, called “The Father’s Peace,” by Lucinda Bowser. Enjoy and have a great day.

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  1. “What will it be to know and feel the fuller peace of Heaven?” I was pondering this very thought yesterday. God is steadfast through every change. Thinking back through my life, if I would have known when I was young – the changes that I would face in my lifetime – I would have said, “no way”. I wouldn’t be able to endure that but because of God’s steadfast love through these changes, I have been able to GROW through them and I’m able to pray: Thank you, God, for your steadfastness in seeing me through and I am so looking forward to the full peace of Heaven. Thank you, Greg, for being such an awesome man of God. I love you!


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