Armloads of books

I’ve written and co-written many books, but I’ve never seen people buying armloads of my books. In the last two days in Tulsa and Edmond I have seen and appreciated people carrying 6-8 copies of Lay Down Your Guns to give to family and friends.

Perhaps the reason is that several of those carrying books are family and friends of the doctor or mine. Or perhaps it’s also because the story of Dr. Amanda Madrid is a universally relevant and inspiring story. I suppose it’s a mix of both, but as the book moves out of the concentric circles of my closest family and friends, readers I’ve never met and who do not know the doctor still find the story resonates with them.

Thank you to all who came to the book signings in Tulsa at the Rock Cafe (next to Gardner’s Books) and Edmond signings at Half Price Books and at the Oklahoma Christian University campus. Books are still available at those three locations: Gardner’s Books, Half Price Books in Edmond, and OCU Bookstore.

One comment on “Armloads of books

  1. It was neat to be there at the signings, to meet Dr. Madrid and the Kings, and to see people carrying your book in their arms. Two of your Dewey fans will not pass your book on to others but want to keep it since it is signed. So that is good so others will be buying. Love you, Mom


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