Between fear and hate: a response to shooting in our church

This 9:32 minute audio is Greg Taylor’s response given the morning after a shooting inside the building of the church where he preaches, Garnett Church of Christ.

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We chose the following media link because it more effectively shows the Hmong community response.

Shooting at Hmong Party in Tulsa

The Hmong leader interviewed in the story, Linda Lor, had just spoken to me minutes before she was interviewed on camera and she assured me that the Hmong community is coming together, that this is a wake up call for them and for us in many ways to pay closer attention to Hmong (and all) youth, anger, forgiveness, love. She said, “this shooting was due to an unforgiven grudge,” a targeted shooting toward one man in particular within a family clan.

That clan is planning a gathering at our church this weekend. Please pray for love to reign in this place where a shooting took place last weekend.

The audio above states what we want to say for now: blessings, prayers, support, love for and to the Hmong community. We also want to thank all those in our church and community and the nation who have been praying for us here. We feel and value your prayers and know the Holy Spirit is working through us as we seek to respond in ways that Christ would want us to respond, not with fear nor with hate but with love for all, including those who try to do us harm.

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    • Hey Brother Booker, thank you for commenting. This was a traumatic event for many people who were there. Many Hmong people and a few in our congregation were traumatized by the shooting. Some of the victims of the shooting are in danger of losing their jobs because of their injuries, and the families are struggling and in need of prayers and our assistance. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you inadvertently published your comment without saying all you wanted to say in a more caring way. Please feel free to comment again about the topic at hand. It does make a difference what building it was in. It was in the place where we call home for our worship and congregation, just like a family calls their house the place where they live.


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