New Book and Video: Daring Faith by Randy Harris and Greg Taylor

Daring Faith from Amazon art

Tired of the political talk? Listen to Jesus direct you instead!

Follow along as Randy Harris and Greg Taylor lead you through the amazing Gospel of John in order to meet Jesus and learn Daring Faith.

Daring Faith is a brand new book and video companion new for the summer of 2016!

You can get the book content — which is great for personal, group, or church studies — in three forms: book, video (trailer below), audiobook (sample below).

Audiobook coming soon. Hear a sample below, narrated by Greg Taylor.



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4 comments on “New Book and Video: Daring Faith by Randy Harris and Greg Taylor

  1. Increased Faith comes by hearing and speaking the Words of our Father God,
    so we have a healthy heart.
    Love the Lord with ALL your heart….
    Increased creative evangelism.


  2. Yes, faith cannot increase without this important connection to the Father, and this connection is huge in the Gospel of John, with Jesus speaking over and over about The Father.


  3. Hi Greg, We are enjoying using Daring Faith DVD in class this semester, thanks for your work! We lost our copy of the discussion booklet, is there a place to download it? Thanks again.


    • Good, glad you are enjoying. Mmmm, I don’t know of a place to download, but let me open one of the DVDs up, scan the booklet and send to you. Thanks for using the series and for passing the word along. Please send me an email at and I’ll get those discussion questions to you promptly.


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