Audio Devotional: “Remain in Me”

William Barclay says in his book, The Gospel of John, “The secret of the life of Jesus was his contact with God; again and again he withdrew into a solitary place to meet him. We must keep contact with Jesus. We cannot do that unless we deliberately take some steps to do it.” Arrange your life, Barclay continues, so that “there’s never a day when we give ourselves a chance to forget him.”

Listen to this audio devotional today and “remain” in His love. The Bible reading is from John 15:1-11, NIV.


Free Audio Interview with Craig Groeschel and Kyle Idleman

Click on the play button above to hear my interview with Kyle Idleman and Craig Groeschel.

After I read Gods at War by Kyle Idleman (teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky), and Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel (senior pastor of Edmond, Oklahoma based and one of the creators of the YouVersion Bible app). Both books are from Zondervan, 2013. I asked to interview them at the same time on the phone. With the help of Kelsey Hulgan of The DeMoss Group I got them both on the phone and talked about 45 minutes.

I submitted the interview to Leadership Journal‘s Marshall Shelley and Drew Dyck, and it was published this week on their web site here.

The set up for the interview is this: You’ve both discussed in your books idolatry and identity in many forms . . . What happens when a pastor’s church becomes an idol?