African Children’s Choir at Garnett in Tulsa

African Children’s ChoirGarnett Church of Christ is hosting the internationally renowned African Children’s Choir. They appeared on the Jay Leno Show and have appeared at the G8 Concert and other global events. Their singing was recently featured in “Blood Diamond.”

If you are in Tulsa, the state or nearby state, please join us in “letting the little children come” and welcoming them as Jesus would welcome them.

We want to help those attending to become more aware of global suffering and provide several “next steps” such as water well drilling, micro-credit programs, and children sponsorship that we can all participate in.

This is more than just a free concert by an incredible international group, we want to humble ourselves to receive from the children the gift of beautiful music and to return the blessing with our awareness, action, money, and our very lives.

Garnett Church of Christ, 12000 E. 31st St., Tulsa, OK

The Last King of Scotland

My friend, Ben Langford, wrote the following about the new movie, The Last King of Scotland.

There is a movie coming out in three weeks in American theaters called the “Last King of Scotland” The Movie is set in Uganda during the time of Idi Amin (Uganda’s ruthless dictator from 1971-1979). Here is a blurb about the movie.

“In an incredible twist of fate, a Scottish doctor (James McAvoy) on a Ugandan medical mission becomes irreversibly entangled with one of the world’s most barbaric figures: Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker). Impressed by Dr. Garrigan’s brazen attitude in a moment of crisis, the newly self-appointed Ugandan President Amin hand picks him as his physician.”

The movie is based on a book called “The Last King of Scotland.” If you are wondering were the title comes from, Idi Amin often affectionately refered to himself as The Last King of Scotland. The movie is based on true events and part of it was filmed on Main Street Jinja, near where we live. We actually saw them filming a scene on day and got to talk with people on the film crew. We hope that you are able to take some time and go see this film. We havn’t seen it, but hope it will give you a glimpse into Uganda life and history. Idi Amin is still very much in the minds and mermory of many Ugandans who lived during his dictatorship. So much so, that in the last election, when I asked many people why they wanted to vote for the incumbant President, Yoweri Musevini, they would simply respond, “Because he doesn’t kill people!” Clearly the threat of Amin is still a reality for many even though he is dead. Therefore, I hope this movie will give you a glimpse into the lives and memory of many of the people whom we work with and love.

Below is a link to a website with information and a trailer on the movie. Enjoy the movie!
From Jinja, Uganda,

Ben Langford

9 meaningful foreign films

  1. Hotel Rwanda – I felt deep sorrow, for this was the time we lived as neighbors to Rwanda . . . we hosted a “Hutu” for seven years after that.
  2. Most – a powerful Czech/Pol short film about the love of father and son.
  3. The Constant gardener – set in Kenya, about corruption in the pharmeceutical industry and testing of innocent AIDS victims that does them harm, and one woman’s quest and finally one man’s sacrifice to stop it.
  4. Chocolat – characters rich as the chocolate that Juliette Binochet doles out in the town during lent.
  5. Babette’s feast – beauty and sacrifice in the heart of a woman who shows gratitude by cooking up a feast for the entire village.
  6. The mission – a classic that will always stick in my consciousness.
  7. End of the spear – one of the best “missions” stories of the twentieth century, but the screenplay was not well written and executed, but still worth seeing (not saying I could do better, but it just wasn’t the quality of story that it could have been).
  8. Pride and prejudice – best dialogue in a movie I’ve seen in quite some time.
  9. The gods must be crazy – hilariously eye-opening and world view shifting.
  10. What’s one of yours to fill in the 10th?
By Greg Taylor Posted in Movies