I’ve been waiting six years to finally tell you . . .

This is a copy of the letter I’ll be sending out Monday morning to about 10,000 people.

Wineskins Magazine content is now completely FREE.

A huge part of my job over the last six years has been to make Wineskins Magazine accessible to a whole new generation. Now, there are no more barriers. Wineskins is worldwide and FREE for all.

Starting now, you don’t need a subscription to access all the great content at www.wineskins.org.

You can read great interviews, articles, and reviews completely FREE. There’s no catch.

How can we do it?

God has graciously upheld the mission of The ZOE Group and Wineskins in many ways through good people like you. We will continue to advertise for your organization on 3 million annual page views and to a list of nearly 10,000 emails, receive your kind donations, and sell great music and book resources at The ZOE Store. These are the streams that will help sustain the ministries of conferences, online resources, worship music, and now the ZOE Growing Deeper and Spiritual Direction programs.

If you’ve subscribed for many years, come to our conferences, given financially, purchased resources from The ZOE Group, THANK YOU. Please keep walking with us as we help one another walk with Christ.

That’s it. Enjoy Wineskins FREE for Christmas, 2008, and beyond.


Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor
Managing Editor
Wineskins Magazine

Going Missional

Leadership Journal and Wineskins Magazine feature articles in their current issues on the Missional Church. Wade Hodges and I wrote a piece called “We can’t do megachurch anymore” for Leadership Journal. An interview with Calvin Miller talking to me by phone is on ZOE/Wineskins A Life of Worship Podcast and if you’ve not read Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsh, you need to read the “Conversation with Fred” featuring Michael Frost.

Wineskins free content


With thanks to our subscribers and supporters, we want to share the life-and-mind-and-heart-shaking content of Wineskins with everyone worldwide as our Christmas gift to you.

We’ve had requests from India, Africa, Europe, throughout the U.S. for free content, and we’ve listened to your requests.

Throughout the Christmas season, we have removed the log in so everyone can access all areas, including subscriber-only archive areas, of Wineskins. As always, current content is free.

Lauren Winner

winner-lauren.jpgLauren Winner is coming to ZOE this Thursday and Friday.

I interviewed her a few years ago by phone and have enjoyed and been moved by her story and her courageous writing style and content. She is a daughter of a Reform Jewish father and a lapsed Baptist mother. During her freshman year at Columbia University, she converted to Orthodox Judaism. She studied in England, receiving a master’s degree from Cambridge University, and during that time she was baptized into Christ.

If you were thinking of coming to ZOE, haven’t made reservations, but you really want to go, see if you can shift some things around and come. I talked to Eric and the Leadership Conference and Worship Conference registration both total around 1,200 but there’s still space and you can register here.

Go to Wineskins to read an excerpt from her recent book, Real Sex.