Txt: When are you coming home?

Tonight is the first real “waiting up” night in my parenting career. Ashley recently got her license, is driving and is coming home from a concert with her friend.

So I get to experience what my parents went through when I said, flippantly, “I’ll be home when I get there.” Of course this was said in jest but there were no cell phones to check in with, for parents to call or TXT, “When are you coming home?”

It doesn’t feel as worrisome to me right now as it does annoying. I want to go to bed but can’t. That’s sleep deprivation and classifies as mild torture.

My prayer for the evening is not simply that my daughter come home safely but that what she is learning by independence will form her as a great and responsible adult. If you count your 16-year-old’s age in days, that’s about 5,840 days of chances we as parents have had to teach responsibility in our children by the time they drive.

For parents of teens who are trying to learn Facebook, enjoy today’s Zits cartoon.