Description: This image shows a Carpenter ant ...

Carpenter Ant

When the wife sees bugs, it’s over. You might as well just call the bug people and get it over with. Bugs don’t bug me as much as they do Jill, so I wasn’t so quick to act. I should have called sooner but it took some non-home-on-the-range words from Jill to finally get me to see that not only the bugs were buggin’ Jill but my lack of action needed exterminated.

Well, Okie Bug came the same day I called. A friendly guy named Randall Adams, and I want to recommend this friend and bug man to you.

Randall has a great vision to help people do vocational mission work. His vision is to help people here and in other countries set up bug businesses that help them do vocational missions. He works with us both at Garnett Church of Christ with monthly service and a quarterly residential service in my home. Thanks, Randall! Connect to Randall and Okie Bugs.

You’re buggin’ me