Throw a pie

Left over ice cream pie from Ashley’s birthday party. Melted but still ice cold. Who wants a pie in the face? Anna sprints to her room and returns with a shower cap. Watch.

Jacob runs camera and commentary, laughs with his mom. My family laughing is music to my ears. For 23 years one of my favorite things in the world is my wife’s laugh.

Hey Dad!

Two words, an exclamation–my kids say, “Hey Dad!”

That’s the moment of truth in every dad’s life
Will you make time? Will you “block out your schedule”?
Will you say, “Hey what?” and listen and go where they want to go?

Recently, in one beautiful day, I noticed all three of my children say “Hey Dad!”

“Hey Dad! Will you play catch with me?” Jacob is eight.

“Hey Dad! Would you read me a book?” Anna is eleven.

“Hey Dad! Want to play basketball?” Ashley is almost fourteen.

They are getting older and I so am I. Turned 40 this year. But I no longer dread when they will never say those words again. Instead I simply take them up on the offers and enjoy the moment.

For some day we will say, “Hey Child!” and they will either answer or they will not
It depends on how we answered them as children.

For “Hey Dad!” is really not an exclamation. It is a question.