Highland Church of Christ (Memphis) men leading the way

I’m very impressed with the men at Highland Church of Christ Memphis men’s retreat at Victory Ranch over the weekend. Thanks to Brian and Sarah Hoover, Trent and Kristen Williamson, their families, and all the guys at Highland who hosted my son, Jacob, and me. Thank you so much for a great time.

Enjoyed catching up with some old friends from Harding and it was great to see my favorite professor from Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Dr. Allen Black. He has been so kind to me that I wasn’t really nervous about presenting 3 sessions on the cross in front of one of my professors. I spoke on the seven sayings/prayers of Jesus at the cross. More than anything, I felt inadequate and humbled about speaking on the cross, period.

Victory Ranch is a remarkable place with climbing wall, 900 feet zip line (we didn’t get to ride that one but swung on a unique cable between trees that swings you 100 feet back and forth and pretty high up). The guys took photos, so I’ll post when I get those.

Jacob and I also enjoyed a visit to New Hope School where Trent Williamson is headmaster. What a great school and incredible work Trent is up to in Memphis.